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太平洋咖啡 100港币现金卡(仅限香港地区使用)

太平洋咖啡 100港币现金卡(仅限香港地区使用)

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太平洋咖啡一直以来提供世界级别的咖啡来满足香港和新加坡市场对特殊咖啡饮料的需求。公司发展迅速,持续的增开更多的门店。太平洋咖啡品牌被公认为香港最好的咖啡,赢得了众多的杂志和网站的消费者奖项。www. 如何使用太平洋咖啡现金卡: 打印出您的现金卡 在您在门店使用时出示您打印的现金卡 此现金卡由太平洋咖啡有限公司发放,尽可用于在香港区域内太平洋咖啡购买物品时使用。不可更改兑现卡内余额到期自动作废。您可通过客服热线81086500来查询卡内余额和到期日。此卡不可挂失补办,损坏无效。太平洋咖啡有限公司保留随时更改条款的权利。

Pacific Coffee Company has been providing world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong and Singapore's growing demand for specialty coffee beverages. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and continues to bring more stores to your neighborhood.  The Pacific Coffee brand is being recognized as serving the best coffee in Hong Kong, having won numerous consumer awards organized by major magazines and websites. How to use Pacific Coffee e-Gift Card 1. Print out your e-Gift Card 2. Present your e-Gift Card printout to store for redemption This gift card is issued by Pacific Coffee Company Limited (PCC) and can only be used in exchange for goods at any of the PCC’s coffeehouses in Hong Kong Kong (except Hung Hom MTR Station coffeehouses). No change or cash refund will be provided. Any unused balance shall be automatically forfeited upon the expiry date. Check out the unused balance and expiry date through customer service hotline (8108 6500). PCC will not replace or reimburse the value of the gift card if it is lost or damaged. PCC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice. 

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